New Recommendations for Patients with Congenital Heart Disease

New Recommendations for Patients with Congenital Heart Disease

“New Recommendations for Patients with Congenital Heart Disease” is a must read for anyone who is living or caring for someone with CHD. I am 38 now, but as a child with D-TGA my mother asked my cardiologists about my exercise capacity many times. The doctors reply was always the same, “Natalie can do anything, within reason (no extreme sports) she wants as long as she stops when she gets tired.” Throughout childhood and well into my adult years, I must have mistakenly took this to mean that my heart would somehow explode if I continued to exercise after I became tired. The result of this 3 decade held belief was obesity and a much lower than necessary exercise capacity. According to the article there are 5 aspects of heart health that cardiologists will look at to determine what is safe for each patient. Please talk to your doctor or child’s doctor before starting any exercise program. #CHD




I was born 37 years ago with a rare genetic disease/rare congenital heart defect, D-TGA.  I had the Mustard Procedure at Texas Children’s Hospital in 1976 and finally consented to an AICD in November of last year because of documented V-Tach.
Living with a complex heart defect and 5 arrhythmias in a small rural community, I have experienced the horrors of being in an ambulance or an ER with doctors and nurses that have no idea what to do with me. In light of that, I have founded a medical alert database specifically created and designed for other people like me. People who need more than 3 lines of text on a medical alert bracelet to adequately convey their most important medical information in the event of an emergency.
Check out this very informative publication on D-TGA from the Adult Congenital Heart Association.

introducing i.d.mii international, inc.


i.d.mii international, inc. is quite literally a dream realized for me.  Though, I do have some complicated medical concerns I have always considered myself to be extremely fortunate and blessed.  I have always been treated by world class physicians,  never been turned down for a necessary procedure because of the lack of money, never been to bed hungry, always have had wonderful parents to fight along side me (and for me) and got to experience the awesomeness of motherhood, twice!  Realizing that everyone is not this fortunate, I see i.d.mii as a opportunity for me to give back.  I consider it an honor to be in a position to bring this invaluable service to a very special and worthy group of people…. people who can’t fit all their “most important medical information” on a standard medical i.d. bracelet.

For the first time, we can have all of our medical information in one place!  From our primary and secondary diagnoses to our current medication list, our emergency contacts, allergies, procedures we can not have and even our internal and external medical devices, all together in a easy to read format.  For your protection each member can choose what information that they want to be made “public,” meaning can be accessed during an emergency and what information that they would rather keep private.

Please take a look around our website and get to know us and who our “partners” are.  “Partners” of i.d.mii are, in essence, organizations that we support.  Each member, upon check out, will be asked to choose one of our “partners” to have us donate to on their behalf.  In addition, every member will receive their choice of 6 bracelet types (small link stainless steel, large link stainless steel, square link stainless steel, wide shiny stainless steel, rubber “add a bead” or our sports band) and an emergency wallet card and a medical alert key tag, both with your personal i.d.mii identification number and a QR code for quicker access to our website.  We appreciate you visiting us and look forward to being there when you need us most .